The Latest News in Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Medicine

  • Posted on: Aug 8 2019
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There has been a lot of news in plastic surgery and cosmetic medicine recently. Here are some things that you really need to know!

1. The FDA has issued a recall of Allergan Biocell textured (Style 410 and 468) breast implants. These implants have been determined to have a higher risk of ALCL (anaplastic large cell lymphoma) compared to textured implants from Mentor and Sientra. Although Allergan is no longer selling these implants, the FDA does not necessarily recommend that women who have these implants should have them removed. This does not apply to the vast majority of my patients, as I have routinely used smooth implants without any known risk of ALCL. I will share more information with you as I receive it.

2. Allergan received FDA clearance for their new muscle thickening device, CoolTone. This is a direct competitor to the original muscle enhancing and fat reducing device, Emsculpt. Currently at YPS we are testing out Emsculpt. It’s a very interesting treatment which we are excited about! We will definitely let you know when we will begin offering it! We have no plans to offer or test CoolTone at this time.

3. I recently published a study in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal titled, “What is the Ideal Instagram Filter?” Juno was deemed the “most flattering” filter and Reyes was determined to be the “most youthful” filter. If you get a chance, try them out and see for yourself!

4. The Differences Between Botox and Newtox (Jeuveau) – At YPS we’ve been testing and comparing the effects of Botox versus its new competitor Jeuveau (nicknamed Newtox). It appears so far that Jeuveau has a quicker onset of action and does not come with the initial headache that Botox can sometimes create. But does it last as long? Time will tell!


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Episode #149 – The Hottest Cosmetic Treatments in Beverly Hills with Dr. Sheila Nazarian – Beverly Hills is the epicenter of beauty and plastic surgery. It’s no surprise that many of the new plastic surgery treatments and products get their start in the L.A. area.

So on this episode, I’m joined by one of the top cosmetic plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills. She’s going to share with us some of the hottest cosmetic treatments in her practice, including buccal fat removal, the Gold Tip Facial, Bodytite, the WOW Shot, Cliovana, and more.

If you’re interested in cutting edge plastic surgery and cosmetic medicine, then this episode is for you.

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Episode #148Exposing the Underbelly of Plastic Surgery with Dr. Adam Rubinstein – Illegal silicone buttock injections performed in hotel rooms. Cosmetic clinics owned by ex-felons. Doctors masquerading as plastic surgeons. Physicians performing procedures way outside their expertise…with disastrous consequences.

There is an underbelly of plastic surgery that is quite ugly and dangerous. It seems every week there is a new tragic story of someone dying from a cosmetic procedure. So what’s going on, and how can you prevent yourself from getting botched?

On this episode, I’m joined by one of the nation’s leading plastic surgeons who is working to uncover the truth about unscrupulous doctors and clinics. He has become the go-to source of revealing the salacious truth about some of the most prominent cosmetic doctors. It’s gotten him harassed, threatened and even sued.

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