The STRANGEST Plastic Surgeries You’ve Never Heard Of!

  • Posted on: Jul 11 2022
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Plastic surgery is really the wild west of medicine. Sometimes you hear of treatments and procedures that really blow your mind, and these are no different!

1. Foot Filler Injections – Did you realize the fat in the soles and heels of the feet help make it more comfortable to walk because they act as shock absorbers? It’s true! So when you age and the fat thins, it can make it more painful to be on your feet. However, some people are opting for filler injections into these areas! The idea is to add more volume back into your feet to reduce wear and tear. But does it work?

2. Palm Line Surgery – In Japan, palm reading is a very popular way to determine your future. Some people who believe this have chosen to have palm line surgery so their readings will change, and potentially their future, too. Electrocautery is used to add lines into their hands. In men, the most popular lines to change are fortune lines, while for women, the most popular line to change is the marriage line.

3. Leg Lengthening – Want to be taller? This operation does work, but it’s scary! The surgeon literally saws your femur in half, then applies a device to the leg that slowly separates the ends of the bone by one millimeter per day. New bone will grow in that gap, and patients can grow about one inch per month. It’s quite the process, it’s painful, and there are a ton of risks.

4. G Shot – This is a procedure for women who want more pleasure during intimacy! The surgeon locates the Gräfenberg spot within the vagina, injects a local anesthetic into the area, and follows that with a hyaluronic acid-based filler like Restylane or Juvederm. The idea is that the filler may help improve the woman’s experience. There’s no proof that it works, so my recommendation is: buyer beware!

5. Cinderella Surgery – Based on the name of this surgery, you may have guessed it has to do with the foot. But there are three aspects to this – the first being bunion removal. The other two types of surgery are less common. Have you ever heard of Morton’s Toe? This is a condition where the second toe is longer than the big toe, and some people find having the condition makes fitting into shoes more difficult. So the individual chooses to undergo surgery where the second toe is shortened by cutting a section of bone out of it. Not terribly bizarre, right? But the third part of this surgery deals with using liposuction to make the toes smaller! So when you combine all three of these procedures, you’ve got Cinderella Surgery. Strange, huh?

What do you think of this list? Did any of these surprise you?

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