These are the BEST injectable fillers!

  • Posted on: Oct 28 2021
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What is the best injectable filler?

This is a question I’m asked nearly every day. The answer is: It’s not that simple.

Twenty years ago we had one injectable filler: collagen. Today we have a plethora of fillers, all with their own specific properties that make each one great for a certain part of the face.

Here are the fillers we recommend at YPS, and what I use each one for:

1. Juvederm Ultra / Ultra Plus – very versatile filler to fill in wrinkles like the nasolabial folds.

2. Juvederm Voluma – a long-lasting filler to plump the cheeks (lasts up to 2 years!).

3. Juvederm Volbella – very fine filler to smooth lines around the mouth and gently plump the lips.

4. Juvederm Vollure – this is a very smooth injection that is great for lower face wrinkles like the nasolabial folds and marionette lines, also used along the jawline for a subtle lift.

5. Restylane-L – the OG! This versatile filler can be used for almost all indications. Lasts about 6-9 months.

6. Restylane Silk – FDA approved for injection in the lips, this soft filler can create a nice, pretty pout.

7. Restylane Lyft – interested in fuller and lifted cheeks? This is a less-expensive alternative to Juvederm Voluma.

8. Restylane Defyne and Refyne – these versatile fillers are made for parts of the face that move and have a lower risk of lumpiness than other fillers.

9. Restylane Kysse – The newest filler at YPS, this is a smooth, long-lasting filler specifically made for the lips.

Remember to always choose either a hyaluronic acid filler (like the ones above), Sculptra, or your own fat for all your filler needs. I do not recommend any of the other types of fillers, since they do not meet my standards of safety and efficacy.

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