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  • Posted on: Apr 4 2022
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There are a lot of treatments out there, and many of them are effective and worth the cost. However, there have been a handful that have stuck out to me as favorites based on the bang for your buck, how much of a difference they make, and how helpful and easy they can be for patients!

Here are my top recommended cosmetic treatments! You can find these at your local dermatologist or plastic surgeon’s office. We perform all of them at YOUN Plastic Surgery as well!

Microneedling with PRP – This treatment kicks traditional microneedling up a notch! Applying PRP after microneedling allows the growth factors to penetrate deeply, resulting rejuvenation from the inside-out. This can result in skin that looks smoother, less wrinkled, and more vibrant afterwards!

Botox Lip Flip – If you don’t want lip filler, but still want to create the look of a slightly larger upper lip, the Botox Lip Flip is a good option. This treatment uses a small amount of Botox to relax the muscle that helps shape the lips, which then gives the subtle illusion of a fuller upper lip. It’s quick and easy!

Controlled Depth Peel – This skin care treatment is a trichloracetic acid (TCA) peel which uses a blue pigment to help give the peel a more even result. It can be very useful to smooth the texture of the skin, remove superficial pigmentary blemishes like sun spots, reduce fine lines, and even mildly tighten the skin!

MiraDry – This is the perfect treatment for people who sweat excessively under their arms, and it really works! MiraDry uses microwave energy to permanently destroy the sweat glands of the armpits, which means less sweating! MiraDry takes about an hour and is performed after the armpit is numbed using a local anesthetic.

Dermaplaning with a Micropeel – Sometimes simple is all that’s needed, and that’s what dermaplaning combined with a micropeel gives! This exfoliating skin care treatment due is perfect for getting that subtle glow, for removing that facial peach fuzz, and to rejuvenate tired-looking skin through gentle means.

Lumecca IPL – This treatment is the best for improving the appearance of sun spots, spider veins, age spots, and rosacea! It can be used on all areas of the body, but the most popular areas are the face, hands, and neck. It’s a fantastic solution to improve the complexion and look younger!

There you have it! Have you tried any of these treatments before?

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