Holistic Trends to Avoid!

  • Posted on: Oct 7 2021
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If you know me, you know I am open to holistic and alternative medicine. But there are a lot of holistic trends that I am not on board with. Here are a few that I believe you should stay away from!

IV Vitamin Infusions – I know this will be an unpopular opinion with a lot of my functional medicine friends who are big fans of this trendy treatment. People are getting vitamins and other substances infused through IVs for all sorts of reasons, such as immune enhancement, hydration, and even to treat a hangover! My problem is not with the benefits of the infusion (of which there may be some), but the fact that every time you insert an IV into your vein, you create scar tissue. All physicians know that IV access can be difficult in some people, especially as they get older. By performing unnecessary IV infusions, are we putting these veins at risk of being unusable in the future when they will be most needed? I think so.

The Carnivore Diet – This trendy diet is perfect for people who like to eat lots of meat and convince themselves that it’s good for them. There are way too many studies that show a diet high in meat (especially conventionally raised meat) is detrimental to your health. Any diet that promotes the consumption of animal flesh over fresh fruits and vegetables just doesn’t make sense to me.

Perineum Sunning – Yes, this is a real thing! This odd activity involves dropping your drawers and exposing your privates to sunlight. Some people claim that you get a bigger boost of Vitamin D production than you would if other body parts were exposed. The problem is, the skin of the perineum and genitalia is quite thin and can burn very easily. And a sunburn on your privates is definitely NOT something anyone needs to experience!

Embracing alternative medicine at the exclusion of conventional medicine – I truly believe that the future of healthcare is and should be integrative medicine – combining traditional and alternative medicine so they complement each other. Unfortunately, there are too many health influencers who are adamantly opposed to anything that is conventional medicine, whether it be antibiotics, chemotherapy, or other treatments. On the flip side, there are closed-minded physicians who discard any medical or health-related advice that comes from anyone without an MD. Both groups can and should learn from each other and collaborate in order to give what is truly the best care for everyone.

Here’s to your health!

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