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  • Posted on: Feb 11 2022
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Did you make a New Year’s resolution to lose unwanted pounds or get in better shape? If you need some motivation, or simply need to find a better way to get the job done, I have suggestions for you!

While exercise is important to fit into your life in general, it’s more important as you age because muscle mass and balance are diminished as you get older. However, there are many great options for you to increase your strength, improve your balance, and stay in shape at any age and skill level.

Here are just a few!

Adopt an Active Lifestyle – Instead of spending time in a gym and using complicated equipment or personal trainers, use everyday life to increase your activity levels. Take bicycle rides on local trails, learn how to cross country ski, spend time kayaking or upright paddle boarding on a local body of water. Even getting out for a walk each day helps, but should not be the only exercise you do.

Tai Chi – Unsure where to begin, especially if you haven’t worked out in years? Start small. Tai Chi allows you to ease into exercise at a comfortable level. It’s a gentle way to improve your balance, increase your heart rate, and strengthen your muscles without vigorous activity.

Use Weights for Strength Training – As we get older our muscle mass begins to diminish, which is why strength training is super important. It also helps to work the fast twitch muscle fibers which often get ignored as we get older. And here’s a bonus – strength training also helps burn fat more quickly!

Yoga – Yoga can be a great option for people who want to stay fit as they age as it’s easy on the joints yet provides a full-body workout. This exercise helps to increase flexibility, improve balance, and enhance muscular control and strength. As I’m nearing my fifth decade, I’ve made the conscious decision to do more and more yoga.

No matter which type of exercise you choose, the key is to get on your feet and moving. It will improve your energy, lengthen your life, and even make you look younger. Yes, studies support this!

Combine exercise with clean skin care and eating healthy foods, and you’ve got a winning combination of anti-aging power!

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