Post-Summer Skin Tips to Reverse Signs of Aging

  • Posted on: Sep 19 2022
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Autumn is right around the corner. Are you ready for cooler weather?

Now is a great time to start reversing any damage your skin received while out in the sun these past few months. Here are two of the most common signs of aging that take place during the summer and the best ways to reverse them!


Did you notice some excess pigmentation that wasn’t there in the spring? So many of us get sun spots over the summer due to all the UV exposure. Although these spots won’t go away on their own, there are easy ways to fade them away!

IPL – The optimal in-office treatment to get rid of these unwanted pigmentary blemishes is Intense Pulsed Light (IPL). Similar to lasers, IPL zaps pigment, causing it to turn darker and eventually slough off. This non-invasive treatment is virtually painless and very effective!

Brightening Creams – This brightening cream from my line of skin care products is top notch! It’s made to fade dark spots and restore brilliance to the skin using ingredients like kojic acid and organic licorice extract. Unlike hydroquinone-based creams, it’s safe to use long-term.

For even better results, use the YOUN Beauty Brightening Cream alongside IPL!


Did it seem like a number of fine lines appeared simply overnight this summer? It happens! Luckily, there are effective treatments to help smooth these out.

Chemical Peels – These are great bang-for-the-buck treatments in most medspas and cosmetic doctors’ offices. Whether you opt for a lunchtime peel or something more aggressive, they typically utilize light acids to gently exfoliate away the top layers of skin, reducing fine lines. In general, the longer the recovery, the more dramatic the results.

Retinol – This should be a staple in most anti-aging skin care routines. Retinol is a form of Vitamin A and has been proven to diminish fine lines and wrinkles over time. The YOUN Beauty Retinol Moisturizer is the top seller on my store! This product combines the power of retinol with the qualities of a moisturizer, so your skin will feel nourished while combating the lines that appeared throughout the summer months.

Keep in mind, if you’ve never used retinol before, your skin will likely need time to adjust to it. I recommend starting use slowly – maybe a couple times per week – and then adding a day or two each week as you continue.

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