Man Bites Off Woman’s Nose In Bar Fight – Woman Gets Forehead Flap

  • Posted on: Jan 31 2012
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Nose-biter from jail: ‘I’m sorry’:

I did my plastic surgery residency in Grand Rapids, Michigan. While most people see Grand Rapids as a quiet, conservative Midwest town, there are, surprisingly, some really messed up people there. I saw some real doozies, including the story from In Stitches where two idiot parents left their baby alone with a raccoon. Well, here’s a story from Grand Rapids’ WOOD TV 8. You have to see it to believe it.

So what’s going on with her face? Her nose is being reconstructed with a forehead flap, where the skin of the forehead is used to reconstruct the skin of the nose. It’s left in place like that for a couple weeks, after which the ‘bridge’ connecting the skin from the forehead to the nose is divided. Several months later it will probably be thinned to make it fit her face better. Pretty scary, huh?

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