Avoid these Plastic Surgeries!

  • Posted on: Apr 22 2021
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Although all cosmetic surgeries and procedures come with risks, some are more dangerous than others. They can lead to disfigurement, tissue damage, and even death!

Here are five plastic surgeries that I personally recommend staying away from. These are procedures I don’t perform in my practice!

Breast Augmentation with Textured Breast Implants – You may have heard of these as “gummy bear” implants. Unfortunately, textured-surface implants are associated with a rare type of cancer called anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL). Natrelle textured implants have even been recalled.

Permanent Filler Injections – Permanent fillers can come with permanent problems. In some cases, the filler can harden and get infected years after the initial injection. In addition, if the filler is accidentally injected into a blood vessel or artery it can cause necrosis (tissue death). Yikes!

Threadlifts – I get asked about threadlifts all the time, as they come back in style every 10 years or so. They simply don’t work. While the procedures are safer than they used to be, threadlifts do not provide long lasting results and are really expensive! Don’t waste your money.

Brazilian Butt Lift – This surgery is incredibly popular, but it actually has the highest death rate in plastic surgery. According to one study, one in 3,000 people die when they undergo this operation by poorly trained hands. Why does this happen? Fat may inadvertently be injected into the blood vessels of the buttocks, causing fat embolisms.

Donut Breast Lift – In this type of a lift, the incision is made around the areola only, leaving a shorter scar. Unfortunately, the tension often makes the scars widen. This can cause the areola to become extremely large and change shape. Not the look most people want!

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Using principles that worked for her, Dr. Wahls is now helping thousands of people with multiple sclerosis and other debilitating autoimmune conditions to get their lives back. Using a protocol which focuses on eating the right amounts of real foods, Dr. Wahls is one of functional and holistic medicine’s leaders in educating the public and other doctors on the power of food as medicine.

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